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I am entirely made of flaws stitched with good intentions. My name is Selena. My nickname is Sully. :D I'm open about my sexuality. I love talking with new people. I just want to make people smile. And I like to think of myself as an artist.

Bonita Selena


Bonita Selena

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this is literally everyone on tumblr

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“That seems sort of harmless but then it kind of gets a little darker and sort of accuses these young pop artists of being part of this cycle where girls read magazines, feel terrible about themselves ‘cause its says “you should be skinnier, you should be prettier”. They feel terrible, and then these pop stars tell them that they’re perfect and that they’re beautiful and they buy the songs and then the popstar’s on the cover of the magazine so they buy a magazine again and it’s sort of this vicious cycle and I sort of implied he’s working for Satan or whatever.

"I sort of implied he’s working for Satan or whatever"

the song’s Repeat Stuff

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safety. 💙

safety. 💙

If you’re scared to love me, love me.
Because just as you’ve been destroyed, I have too.
Just the way you gathered yourself, I did too.
The way we met was a push from our souls, we’ve always been near.
We needed to be broken to appreciate one another.

If you’re scared to love me, love me.
Because just as you’ve been lied to, I also have learned the treasure of honesty.
Just as we’ve grown together in this short, we will continue to learn.

I appreciate every surprise, every kiss, every laugh. You’re my go-to gal, my bro, my boo, my councilor.
I know I can live this journey alone, but if want you with me to inspire one another in the trip to becoming better women. 💞